Brand & Marketing

Cogent Wingman has a team of Marketing Professionals with a proven innovative ability to identify and capitalize in emerging areas of Health Care Industry and to drive revenue and profit growth in highly competitive marketplace of emerging technologies.

Cogent Wingman is a Very Specific in Health Care Marketing and does thorough study about Health Care unit and define the strategies for various growth plans on feasible grounds and execute effectively for the followings-
•  New Business Opportunity/Development through Empanelment/ Tie-Up/ Association etc. from-

•  Handling of advertisement, public relations and publicity campaigns via all available modalities.
•  Identification of new client pool, and emerging trends in Health Care Marketing.
•  Organize Hospital-Patient interface programme, Tie-ups with SAGs, Associations, Professional Communities etc.
•  Organize Hospital-Medical Fraternity related various Events i.e. CME, Conference, Training, Workshop etc.
•  Utilization of feasible marketing tools for existing services in same vicinity under Effective Market Penetration Programme.
•  Launch of new service(s) to same vicinity under Service(s) Expansion Programme
•  Launch of existing service(s) to new area under Market Expansion Programme
•  Launch of existing as well as new service(s) to new vicinity under Diversification Programme  
Providing coverage to all above, Cogent Wingman is also having wide-range competency for your medical establishment viz- OFF-SITE Marketing Department, Solution(s) for Long Pending Task(s), and Recovery of Outstanding Payments.

Cogent Wingman assures you for absolute professional services with comprehensive Marketing Solution, to grow your business /medical establishment by imparting in your mission.

Depending on your requirement Cogent Wingman can provide you comprehensive or some of selected and customized services or services as per assessment report of the medical establishment

Besides above, Cogent Wingman does marketing for Path Labs, Diagnostic and Scanning Centers Diagnostics, Super Speciality Pharmaceutical and Surgical Companies etc.