Brand Visibility / Visibility Management

At Cogent Wingman, we believe that if the design and printed promotional materials do not distinguish our clients and their brand, our task is half done. So the people at Cogent Wingman not only keep upgrading tools and software but also keep themselves updating with the latest technology which is being introduced into the market every now and then.

Cogent Wingman always gives complete attention to deliver every single promotional material to the clients on time, within budget and above all ensuring the best of quality with zero-defect in quality.

Cogent Wingman has expertise in designing and printing of Corporate Brochure, Catalogues, Fliers, Leaflets, Newsletters, POPs, Posters, Calendars, Hoardings, Kiosks at Bus Shelters, Public Conveniences, Shopping Malls.

Cogent Wingman also provides designing solutions on retainer-ship basis.

We provide high quality digital printing on various surfaces like vinyl, one-way vision, flex etc. for branding purposes like in-hospital branding, mobile van branding, backdrops, standees, dealer boards, exhibitions, trade fairs, event branding etc.
•  Out Door Options-

•  Print Media - News Papers, Magazines, Journals etc
•  Electronic Media - Radio, Television, Digital