Patient Identification & Safety

Patient identification and the matching of a patient to an intended treatment is an activity that is performed routinely in all care settings. Risks to patient safety occur when there is a mismatch between a given patient and components of their care, whether these components are diagnostic, therapeutic or supportive. Throughout health care, the failure to correctly identify patients and match that information to an intended clinical intervention continues to result in wrong person, wrong site procedures, medication errors, transfusion errors and diagnostic testing errors.

There are many causes of errors related to patient identification and procedure matching and a wide range of strategies have been proposed to address them. The work of the Commission has focused on the standardization of processes and development of safety routines for the common tasks needed for patient identification. These safety routines allow the workforce to focus their attention on those activities that require more cognitive processing and judgement, such as the provision of clinical care.

Cogent Wingman provides patient Identification gadgets from simple Bands to high-tech information incorporated with the patient identification management systems along multiple safety tiers available.