Pharmacy, Lab & VAS

Cogent Wingman actively engaged in Value Added Services in Hospital with followings-

In today's competitive business environment, VAS can provide new ways to create significant and sustainable competitive advantages.

They provide an enriching experience to patients and help retain existing clientele. Besides providing additional revenue, VAS increases the overall value proposition for the hospital visitor to make it more attractive to him as a customer. VAS contribute to the growth of the hospital as they transform the dreaded hospital encounter into a memorable and pleasant experience

- Round the clock Pharmacy & Lab
- Refreshment, Florist, fruit outlets etc.
- ATM / Banking Services
- Communication facilities & Cyber Cafe

Besides adding value, they also generate additional revenue for the hospital

'Friendly ICU' may sound like an oxymoron but it is definitely possible to make an ICU friendly by some attention to details. Baby-friendly features in pediatric wards should not be limited to just soft toys and tricycles. The ways of adding value to the hospital experience are limited only by your imagination.

It is not that VAS can be provided only in the hospital; they can be provided off-site through proprietary satellite clinics, pharmacies, home-delivery of special diets, geriatric services, home care/home nursing, etc. Technology can be used to provide web-enabled services, whereby a patient can browse the available services at a hospital as well as schedule an appointment. Telemedicine is already revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered.