Project Management

Pre-Qualification Award of Contract
COGENT WINGMAN maintains a comprehensive data bank of contractors and assists clients in their selection and appointment by applying suitable pre-qualification norms. This includes preparation for Contract documents conforming to local / national /international acts / rules / regulations.

Project Monitoring and Cost Control
Monitoring services, during project implementation, ensure that the project progress is in accordance with the approved plan, both in physical and financial terms. This is achieved through network techniques based on the project specific information system, quality assurance (QA) system, safety assurance (SA) system, policies and procedures.

Equipment Planning
Choice of various categories of equipment i.e. clinical services in various specialties, clinical support services e.g. laboratories, blood bank etc. and gas manifold room has important bearing on all aspects of engineering design; spatial consideration, theatre support services including the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), laundry, kitchen and more, given to preparing department wise equipment schedule, coordinating its logistics and planning the installation, testing & commissioning.

Construction Supervision
COGENT WINGMAN supports clients in managing the project phases from conceptualization through design, implementation and commissioning in entirety. This ensures that all activities of the project, carried out by the various agencies (each with their own specific assigned packages/tasks), are coordinated thus guaranteeing timely completion of project. Problems arising during the various stage/phases of implementation can be identified and promptly addressed for timely corrective action, to avoid/control any time and /or cost over-runs. Supervision also ensures the standards prescribed are being adhered during the project implementation.

Contract Administration
Thorough familiarity with the contract's content and a firm grip on its terms & conditions as well as the specific and non-specific details of contract, enables COGENT WINGMAN to ensure that the expectations in terms of contract stipulations, specifications and schedules are met.