Radiation Shielding

Radiation shielding design, also known as shielding against various rays viz X-ray, Gamma rays. Shielding design is critical to the safety of the medical community and their patients as well as others. This is designed and executed using high density concrete, steel and lead sheets.

The radiation protection of many current medical facilities is inadequate to the task of protecting staff and patients when their radiation technology is upgraded. Use of high density concrete is typically the most cost effective way of upgrading the protection of an existing facility. However, use of steel and lead is also recommended due to site constraints at many places.

Design and engineering of radiation shielding is a specialty of Cogent Wingman. We understand the challenges and have the experience. We have provided the structural engineering to support shielding applications for existing structures and to help our clients complete a cost effective and successful project.

Engineers of Cogent Wingman are committed to assist our customers in the development of their shielding needs and the team of engineers has the experience to assure your project is a success, whether you are remodeling an existing vault/Bunker, building a new vault/bunker or constructing a new facility.

We are able to supply either standard products or to design and develop customer specific solutions for one-off challenges. The Company's product capability includes radiation shielding designs for X knife, Llinear Accelatrator, Cyclotrons, Cyber knife etc

The customer is responsible for all permits and meeting all requirements relating to local, state and national codes, regulations, registration and ordinances affecting the site planning, site preparation, construction, system installation and system maintenance. Clients submit the reports to any governing body related to radiation surveys, radiation safety and physics reports. All the drawings and documents required for obtaining such approvals are prepared and provided by Cogent Wingman.